G Herbo signs new Belaire Deal

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Everything is good with G Herbo. Since his demise with the law a couple months back, Herb has proven that it wasn’t God’s plan to be stopped. Securing another bag, the 22 year old rap star inked a deal with wine and spirits company, Luc Belaire. Serving as their newest global ambassador, this will be Herb’s first major brand partnership.

Herbo took to his Instagram account to announce the new deal as well as commenting on his new found venture.

“Belaire just fits my lifestyle, it fits my generation,” G Herbo explained in the official press release. “It’s nothing forced, the partnership just feels natural. Even down to Brett [Berish] being from Chicago. I got so many dope ideas running through my mind already. It just made sense that this would be my first brand partnership.”

During the official press release, Herb stated that he will be collaborating with the brand on their full range of wines. He will also be appearing in the brand’s “Self Made Tastes Better” series with CEO Brett Berish discussing a range of topics, including Herb’s rise and both their upbringing in Chicago.

Herb sits on the Belaire roster with other hip hop elites such as Rick Ross, Dave East and more. Check out Herb’s official announcement below.

Last modified: 06/18/2018

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