Kanye West is Set to Work on 7 Track EP w/ Bump J x Sly Polaroid

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Things have been on the up and up for Chicago and the geniuses that this city have produced. Kanye West and everything he touches or have touched been in a frenzy, good or bad. One of those good things comes from Bump J. According to an interview from Fake Shore Drive, Bump stated that Kanye West will be producing a seven track EP with him and fellow Goon Squad member, Sly Polaroid. No official date has been said for release, but just to expect it “real soon.”

For some reason, Kanye West has been settled on the number seven considering his last five G.O.O.D Music projects have had seven records on them. Including his. I can’t predict the future, but I’m sure Valee will have a seven track EP sprouting as well. Don’t say I told you so when he does.

Bump and Sly attended Ye’s listening event in Wyoming where they got the chance to work and vibe with Ye, as Bump put it. Bump also worked with Ye on his Ye project in which he received writing credits on six of the seven songs. Kanye West have been in his bag lately as far as music goes. Despite the wrong goings, Kanye West can’t be denied his music genius.

Last modified: 06/22/2018

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