Lil Durk lands new deal w/ Alamo and Interscope

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Just months after Durk announced his departure from Def Jam of the past six years, the sun is back shining for the Chicago rapper. Lil Durk has officially signed to Alamo and Interscope Records. Check out this piece from Billboard on the full story.

After leaving Def Jam amid creative differences in March, Lil Durk is ready for the next phase of his rising career. Billboard has learned the Chicago spitter has inked a deal with Alamo Records under the Interscope Records umbrella. The 25-year-old’s highly anticipated Signed to the Streets 3 project will serve as his third studio album and the first full-length release under Alamo Records.

“I went somewhere that made me feel like I was a top priority; a place that needed me just as much as I needed them. Since the beginning of the discussions with Todd, Shari, Joie, Nigel and the people over Alamo and Interscope, they made me feel that way,” says Durk. “Plus the money was lovely. My team and I went a whole year and a half where we basically did everything on our own. It made us stronger. Now that Alamo and Interscope partnered with us, the sky is the limit for sure.”


Last modified: 08/08/2018

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