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This year has been spewing out a shitload of new artists and they aren’t done yet. With our Blueprint Artist Showcase series, we always find new talent that we believe should be heard. Check out our latest segment on these artists making their way up the Chicago music ladder.

1. Baby Joe

Baby Joe took the stage at the Blueprint Vol. 6 and was deemed one of the hottest performances of the night. Putting much energy into his performance, you couldn’t ignore the music and crowd control by the rapper. And trust, there is a difference.

2. Slitta

Slitta has been slipping through the cracks for a while now. He’s slithered his way into our ears with every punchline he brings. Far from the mumble rappers we hear nowadays, Slitta carefully perfects his craft right in front of us. We advise you don’t sleep!

3. Wuk

We ain’t lying when we tell you Wuk will make noise. Branching off from his OTF roots, the Chicago rapper has stepped out into his own light. After dropping his single “I Ain’t Lyin” Wuk came back full circle to bring forth his Turkey Talk project. The talent and potential is there. Let’s see how far Wuk is willing to work for it.

4. Don Starks 

Don Starks has been quietly bubbling under our radars. With past records produced by Chase The Money, Don Starks has managed to make his splash onto the Chicago music scene. With catchy flows and fun hooks, Don Starks makes sure to let us know he will be having his way. Don Starks sounds like a secret agent name and we’re all here for it!

5. Tjay Wave

Light skin is in honey and they ass ain’t going anywhere. Seriously tho, Tjay Wave is coming and it can’t be stopped. Tjay has managed to pick up the slack the Chicago music scene has been missing. He’s doing that shit with ease too. Linking with other artists in the likes of Valee, OOO Lord and more, Tjay is making all the right moves to be seen and heard. Cocolososays put Tjay Wave in your search boxes.

6. Lil Zay Osama

Many are already hip to Zay, but for those who aren’t we suggest you hop on board. I got familiar with Zay thru NayR Creates a few months back and been hooked since. Making his own wave, Zay comes in the game with no apologies.

Last modified: 2018-12-12

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