Reasons Why Artists Fail Before They Begin

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A lot of times we see aspiring artists make their debuts and burn out as quick as they were lit. Most artists don’t have the proper direction in to achieve what they want, let alone get to the next level of their careers. Artists often find themselves completely lost in the sauce which can cause them to either be left out or most likely forgotten. won’t leave you hanging. Here, we’re going to give you some free game on why artists fail before they can even get a good start as well as things that you can do to kind of avoid the bullshit. Whether you’re a budding artist, established artist or somewhere in between, we’re hoping this can help on your journey.


Too many artists are thinking too small. You do music. So what. What’s next? Instead of thinking of yourself as just an artist, think more of yourself as a business, a brand. Brands get bands. Find ways to monetize off your brand. Your brand being yourself. Create a website for your brand with exclusive drops of new music or content. Learn to brand yourself across your social media. Find ways for your fans fuck with what you have going on more. It’s 2019! We all know how important  it is to have huge social media influence. Build that platform across social media that will attract the right attention.


This isn’t to shit on anybody dreams. When we say sucky music quality, we mean ya’ll not properly preparing your music! There have been countless times I’ve seen and heard dope ass music gets passed along because the quality isn’t up to par. GET YOUR MUSIC MIXED, MASTERED AND STRUCTURED CORRECTLY! This is a very important investment in your career. That’s literally the sauce to your spaghetti g. Anybody that does music can stress how important this is. Don’t get overlooked due to carelessness.


This generation of artists are spoiled as shit. Not only spoiled, but lazy as hell. It’s understandable considering this whole social media era we live in. There are countless good artists with POOR work ethic. Dropping songs every 4 months because you would rather get high instead of going to the studio or hoping you have an automatic audience because you’re releasing music. That doesn’t work in everybody’s favor. YOU HAVE TO WORK! It’s always a good idea to release music, but it’s an even greater idea when you get out here and show people who you are. Go to different shows, even if you aren’t performing (shit ain’t always about you), meet different artists, do the groundwork yourself, hit the streets and promote yourself, go to these clubs and meet these DJs and whatever else you need to do to be heard as well as SEEN. People ignore what they can’t see.


This is one of the most important things you can do as an artist. You can’t do this on your own or alone. Build a solid team which you can work from a concrete, genuine foundation. Most importantly, build connections. This goes back to me saying get out and meet people. Whenever you’re at an event, club, show, studio or whatever, start introducing yourself to those you don’t know. Build and maintain solid connections not only with people of importance, but with other upcoming influencers. It’s going to help you more than hurt you. Building the right connections with the right people can put you in the right place at the right time.


We’re not saying follow others’ blueprints and copy what you see, but at the same time learn to keep up. You can’t want the shorties to fuck with your music when you focus musically on an older genre of music. Nothing’s wrong with being diverse. Know what market you’re trying to target with your music. Tackle that market then move to the next. Unless you just that cold of an artist, focus on your market audience for better commercial success.




Last modified: 02/26/2019

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