Cocolososays WATCH: Snowfall Season 3 Premiere Screening

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If you aren’t up on FX’s Snowfall series then we have to ask WTF ARE YOU DOING?! Seriously. Let’s catch you up right quick. Snowfall follows the story of black teen, Franklin Saint, with his rise as drug lord during the 1980s crack epidemic. The story takes place in South Central LA as he deals with family, friends, enemies, police and everything that comes with the choices he’s made.

According to the show’s leading role, Damson Idris, it’s the best show on tv. And we must agree. Gearing up for the show’s third season, the cast and writers did a press run in Chicago for a private screening of the season’s premiere. The audience was joined by cast, Damson Idris, Isaiah John, Amin Joseph, Angela Lewis, and Michael Hyatt. They also did a small Q&A panel which concluded a trivia game where the audience won prizes.

The cast and writers also talked about John Singleton and the impact he’s had on their careers and lives as well. They also shared what to expect from the upcoming season without revealing too much. Season 3 is riveting, game changing and of course leaves you needing more. Snowfall season 3 premieres July 10 on FX.

Check out pics from the premiere below.

Last modified: 2019-07-10

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Cocolososays WATCH: Snowfall Season 3 Premiere Screening

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