Gunna Receives His Own Day in Chicago, Chicagoans Aren’t Happy

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Gunna has made his way and we don’t doubt for a second that he’s here to stay. So there wasn’t much surprise when we heard he was receiving his own day. The surprise, however, came about when we heard he was receiving his own day in Chicago. As much as we love Gunna, the news caught us a bit off guard as well. This past weekend, Gunna performed in Chicago for Lollapalooza. He also announced that August 3 is officially “Gunna Day” in which he took to his Instagram to show his appreciation.


“On Sat. Aug. 3, 2019, Chicago Illinois South Shore International College Preparatory High School would like to proclaim today Gunna Day!” the letter states. “In tribute to your first ballot hall of fame music career on and off the stage and your wonderful work providing billions of youth around the world to have the audacity to hope against all odds.”

Due to Gunna’s musical accolades, this came to be great news. Chicagoans, on the other hand, weren’t too happy about the move. Artists and fans alike took to their social media to express their discernment. Mostly because there are a shitload of artists and creatives inside the city that could’ve been awarded their own day. No shade to Gunna, but as a collective, we can understand fully why there’s a bit frustration.

Chicago artists have paved a way for many other artists, in and out the city. Music genres are born and bred here. Our lingo is becoming a part of the culture now. It’s very natural for a Chicagoan to feel cheated and take things personal when not properly awarded. It’s just a Chicago thing.

On another note, big congrats are in order for Gunna regardless. We shall celebrate “Gunna Day” as our own.

Last modified: August 5, 2019

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Gunna Receives His Own Day in Chicago, Chicagoans Aren’t Happy

  1. Queen Gai says:

    Where’s Durkio Day? Where’s GBE Day? This should have been awarded to someone from within the city of Chicago. Familiar blood. Atlanta should’ve given Gunna his “Gunna Day.” Make it make sense. Chicago artists, especially around the 2012 era had influenced these new artists, and including Gunna without a doubt. You can tell these new artists are just for the money, not the art. You could hear the pain and the trauma these Chicago artists have been through which is why many could relate. That’s why that era was so important. All attention was at one direction. These newbies tell fake stories like they really did this and that, but let me save that tea for another topic. As I have stated before, award the artists FROM inside the city. That’s the moral. Come on, na. Stop playing with me.

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