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It has become the norm that a wave of new artists emerge every week. Most are trash, some are good and few are great. It’s kind of up to us to weed out who we should add to our playlists and hearts. It’s no secret Chicago produces such artists whether you grow to love them or not. made things a bit easier by selecting 8 of our new favorite listens that we’re hoping you’ll enjoy as well. Check them out below.

1. Goody

Goody’s been our fav for quite some time now, but it’s time he becomes yours. He strategically releases his content to where he’s not over saturating you or not giving enough. Goody’s introvert demeanor but yet bold raps keeps you intrigued. Collaborating with some of Chicago’s best talents like Valee, Goody is all good in our book.


2. Femdot

We got wind of Femdot maybe a year ago. Another artist put us on and we’ve been hooked since then. Femdot is far from a gimmick or mumble rapper. He raps with his heart and executes with his soul. His style of music is refreshing when you want to take a break from the commercial rap and dive deep into something real.


3. J. Tsunami 

I am beyond pleased on how far this kid has come. He’s always had something special about him and even got a co-sign from G Herbo. If we had to compare, Tsunami will remind you of Drake yet with an edgier persona. He paints vivid pictures with his words that kind of lets you tell your own story in the end. Who doesn’t love a few good tales?


4. Dae Jones

Representing for the ladies, we had to show love to Miss Dae Jones. Not new to this, but very true to it, Dae has been one of the most consistent female artists coming out of Chicago. I’ve watched her play nice then watched her take what was rightfully hers. Dae’s style is versatile and almost rare. Her music struts her confidence to the point she landed herself a deal with no hit record. She’s that serious.


5. Doa Beezy 

Doa Beezy is coming in strong for the younger crowd, but with an older mentality. Playing by his own rules, the newcomer is setting the bar for who’s to come after him. Every artist from Chicago has their own story to tell and Doa Beezy tells his in a very particular way.


6. Jaas

With the rap game so saturated, it’s always refreshing to hear authentic R&B. Jaas delivers. Her sultry voice and more than relatable lyrics puts her at the top of her class. It would be dope to see her collab with a few of Chicago’s top talents in the near future.


7. Flex

Flex has become one of my favs almost instantly. His wordplay plays a different position with his music and you can’t help but to listen. Flex hooked his claws after dropping a 4 song EP that gained a healthy momentum within the Chicago music industry. From the consistency, we can tell Flex doesn’t plan on leaving any time soon. High hopes for 2020.


8. Pretty Savage

We took a little road trip for this one. Repping Virginia, Pretty Savage’s affiliation with G Herbo made her more than welcome to Chicago. More importantly, her music has solidified her. I became a fan more than a year ago and had the opportunity to see her in action during a video shoot. Her pit bull lyrics and undeniably flawless flow gives her the credit to handle herself with the guys as well as stand tall with the ladies.

Last modified: November 19, 2019

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