What You Need to Know about ‘Rona’

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By now, most of us is suffering from the COVID – 19 virus whether it be health wise, social distance wise or economical. We’ve been quarantined for the past couple of weeks and things don’t seem to be getting better. With the internet taking the lead on what’s supposedly happening, I’m sure it’s very easy to get lost with it all. Not to worry too much, we’re going to guide you and keep you a bit updated on what’s going on, what you can expect and how you can keep a cool head in the midst of it all.

We’re all under this “social distancing” order that Trump has in place now through April 30. With almost 6k cases including 70+ deaths, this shit should be taken more seriously. What exactly is social distancing? It simply means STAY YO ASS AT HOME! Not for a couple of hours, but until things pan out. No more than 10 people are supposed to be in one place meaning no parties, no kickbacks, none of that. Social distancing also doesn’t mean only kick it with people you know. Of course, when was there ever a time where people listened? By now, all across social media we’ve seen people doing everything but social distancing. Flatten the curve by abiding by the health guidelines being distributed.

With the schools closing until further notice, efforts are being made to accommodate students. The Illinois governor announced that all days missed will still count towards the school year. CPS is working to have 100k electronic learning devices for students. They’re also transforming places like the McCormick Place and Hotel Essex into field hospitals and a camp for medical first responders to rest. Even with all the funny ass memes ya’ll keep making, the parks and lakefronts will remain closed during this time. For those not working, these stimulus checks are supposed to be distributed within these next couple of weeks. You’ll of course have to qualify first.

Even with the pandemic going on, you guys can still find ways to make your quarantine worthwhile. Take this time to read that book that you haven’t finished or write a book. Meditate. Start on those projects and businesses. Learn a new hobby. Film a movie. Creatives create! This is the perfect time to soul search and see what needs to be changed. Whatever you do, just stay safe and stay tf inside. You can only drive yourself crazy. Most importantly, WASH YO HANDS!

Last modified: March 31, 2020

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