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It’s no secret that women run the world and it’s no secret black women are magic. Black women tend to inspire, motivate, nurture and lead with a crown upon their heads. Hearing success stories from successful black women will bring you certain joys that can’t be ignored and Amanda Stapleton is one of them. Amanda Stapleton has been dubbed the Queen Bee of real estate and her work speaks for itself. She has been ranked Top Producer in Chicago as well as top producer in her firm. Did we mention she’s a black woman?! had the opportunity to chat with Amanda Stapleton about who she is, what she does and how she manages her life as a real estate mogul as well as being a successful black woman. She also talked about how possible it is to adapt to the real estate market during a global pandemic. Check out the full interview below.


Let’s Chat…

CocoLosoSays: What does it mean to be a successful woman in your field?

Amanda Stapleton: Being a woman in the real estate industry is challenging. Real estate is a male dominated world. Being able to consistently close all year round with no interruptions or gaps, all while providing extraordinary service is a successful realtor.

CLS:  What kind of discipline did you have to place on yourself in order to get to where you are today? 

AS: I had to consistently educate myself. I had to change my circle of influence. I had to become more intentional about my business and my day to day routine. I had to develop a close relationship with God. I also took 2 years of my life solely dedicated to becoming a full time agent.

CLS: What challenges did you have to face?

AS: Many challenges. I was 20 years old when I started in the real estate business. My age was a huge problem. I was definitely discriminated against because of my age and my race, but it’s fine. God had a plan for me and I trusted him on this journey. 

CLS: What do you believe is a contributing factor to your success and why?

AS:  My obsession with self development. Daily, I’m always looking for ways to better myself and I try to learn something new everyday. Once I figured out I can be as successful as I believed I could, everything changed. Your mindset is extremely important on your journey in life.

CLS: How important is it for black people to be educated in real estate as well as finance?

AS: It’s extremely important because most of the urban communities are owned by other ethnicities. We need to buy back our communities. Investing in real estate will break many generational curses. Real estate is definitely a topic we need to have more conversations about in the black community.

CLS: What is the biggest misconception people have about buying their first home? What advice would you have?

AS: The biggest misconception that people have about the home buying process is you don’t have to have a ton of money to buy your first piece of property. There are many down payment assistance programs available for those who qualify. You can actually own a home cheaper than what most pay on average for rent. There is no perfect time to buy a property other than now. There’s no such thing as a peak season. The time is now.

CLS: Let’s talk more about the pandemic and its effect on the economy. How can things such as this global pandemic affect the real estate market? How do companies adapt? How have you?

AS: The pandemic has not affected the real estate buying and selling market, but I will say the interest rate are at an all time low. Rates hasn’t been this low in years. Myself and my team have been conducting virtual tours still or acting social distance, wearing our mask and gloves when we have to go out.

CLS:  What are some things that you wished you’ve known when first starting your career opposed to now?

AS: Find a mentor! Having a mentor is super important.

CLS:  If Amanda Stapleton wasn’t in real estate, what could you see yourself doing?

AS:  I could see myself being a wardrobe stylist or a fashion designer.

CLS: What are your long term goals for yourself in the real estate industry?

AS: My long term goals is to become a full time educator. I love sharing knowledge.

CLS: What advice would you have for those getting into real estate? 

AS: The advice I have is getting into real estate and becoming financially comfortable takes time. Keep pushing, keep promoting and continue to educate yourself at all times. Find a mentor!

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Last modified: May 26, 2020

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