LISTEN: Lucki – Almost There

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This project is really a pleasure. Lucki is a pleasure. We couldn’t say for sure, but we knew a project was somewhere in the near future. Don’t call us a fortune teller, but here we are with 12 tracks from Luck and we feel he’s not stopping there. Luck has been prepping us for this project with the releases of prior tracks such as ‘Tune x Scotty’ and ‘Faith’ and now we get to indulge. Luck continues to wear his heart on his sleeve, uses his drugs musically and gives us more or less of who Lucki is.

We’re sure if we weren’t in quarantine, Luck would be on tour giving us the same vibes he’s giving with these projects. We can only dream. Hit the jump below to stream the full project below.

Last modified: May 29, 2020

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