Check Out These 2 New Videos from Valee

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If you ever have to question if Valee is working or not then you might be asking the wrong question. Valee is always working and we can tell by how strategically he drops his material. Catching up with the “I Got Whatever” rapper, we get two for the price of one. Kicking things off with “Rice,” Valee keeps it short and simple with the clip being a minute and some change.

Valee spins the block one more time with “Hitch Hiker.” As we all know, Valee is the king of keeping his raps under 90 seconds, but on this one he gave us a little more to enjoy. He even made a joke about it on his Twitter. Either way, Valee could drop a 60 second flow or 3 minutes and we’ll enjoy it. Check out “Hitch Hiker” below.




Last modified: September 7, 2020

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