WATCH: Rallo G – Distant

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Rallo G might be a bit different. He rides the beat so smooth you can almost instantly catch his flow. Not too many artists can do this and when they do, its always dope to see. Dropping off his latest visual, “Distant” Rallo gives us a vibe that I hope he will keep up. Check …...

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WATCH: Yoshii x SRT Kazzy – Old Me


The whole point of our platform is to showcase and highlight upcoming and starting artists. With Chicago overflowing with new artists, it’s always dope to check out the ones...

Valee – Jaywalking


There isn’t a time where Valee and ChaseTheMoney drop and it’s a disappointment. With everyone having Valee withdrawals (where’s the music) it’s cool that...

LISTEN: Rockie Fresh – Let it Be


In life we have to learn to let things be and that’s exactly the advice Rockie Fresh had in mind when dropping this. Rock has been cruising his own coastline since he been...

Ju Jilla x Panamera P link for “Remember the Name 2”


The dynamic duo is back and coming harder than ever. Ju and P together on a track is like peanut butter and jelly, koolaid and sugar, bacon and eggs. They just match. The two give...

What You Need to Know about ‘Rona’

Featured, NEWS

By now, most of us is suffering from the COVID – 19 virus whether it be health wise, social distance wise or economical. We’ve been quarantined for the past couple of...

“Role Play” w/ Lucki


Lucki has easily become one of my fave artists. He’s been having his way lately and we can’t help but to enjoy it. Dropping miscellaneous tracks here and there, Luck...

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