Bump J

LISTEN: Bump J – Good to be Home 

Bump J has been running every since his feet touched free ground after his jail release. After blessing a few features with Ty Money, Rockie Fresh, Hypno Carlito and more, the Chicagorilla dishes out his first offering. “Good To Be Home” expresses Bump’s excitement to be back home where he belongs. We know this is a great start to the summer. We can’t wait to hear what else he has in store. Until then, check out the full track below. 

NEW Project: Bump J – Last of the Giants

We’re going to be the first to throw it out there. Bump J is getting out. We feel it so we know it. This isn’t up for debate.

After releasing a brand new record, “Party, Pack & Fly,” after 8 long years on Fake Shore Drive, Bump decided he wasn’t done yet. In an interview with All Hip Hop, Bump talked about his incarceration, his long awaited return and his plans once he does touch the streets. We also received three little gifts from Bump J that we’re sure you will enjoy as well. Bump has dropped his official Twitter (@bigbankbump_), Instagram (@bigbankbump) and soundcloud.

Dropping a six track EP with new and familiar sounds, Bump didn’t skip a beat. Who’s says the king isn’t coming home? Check out the the full project below.

LISTEN: Bump J – Party, Pack x Fly

Fake Shore Drive tweeted earlier that brand new Bump J was dropping today. Unlike the faulty news that reported Bump was a free man, Fake Shore delivered on their promise. Dropping new music after 8 long years, Bump hasn’t lost one touch. “Party, Pack x Fly” is something fresh from Bump, live from jail. Check it out below.