Panamera P

Panamera P Goes for Gold w/ SECOND Diss, “Say Less 2 (Ether Freestyle) 

Ok P say he ain’t playing. After dropping the first diss, Fly Skinz responds with a diss of his own. Now that that’s out the way, Panamera P hits back with his second diss of the day. Cut throat, P takes on Nas’ Ether record, (not to mention Skinz did his diss over the same track) and continues to smoke whatever is coming. We doubt if this is the final say so in this quarry so we’ll be on the lookout for more. Until then, check out “Say Less 2” below. 

LISTEN: Panamera P – Say Less (Poundcake Freestyle)

Things have been going left for the Pirates for a little while now. Beef inside the circle has caused tension and now has surfaced to the world. From Twitter, the beef has made it to wax. Normally the one to keep quiet, P decided not to bite his tongue any longer. Dropping a message to Fly Skinz over Drake x Jay’s “Poundcake” record, Panamera P has some things to get off his chest and that he did. Take a listen below.

NEW PROJECT: Panamera P x Reem – The POE Project 

The Pirates has caused a major wave with the release of their latest project. With production credits from DJ L, Chase Davis and more, the POE Project comes equipped with 10 new tracks ready for your streaming pleasure. Panamera P and Reem share their lifestyles, trials and tribulations as well as celebrations thru their eyes and ears. Pirates over everything. Check out the full project below.